Hong Kong Business Coach & Business Talents Asia become Impactified!

We are very excited to announce that since October 2019, HK Business Coach / Business Talents Asia has become Impactified.com !

Hong Kong Business Coach becomes Impactified

Since October 2019, we have rebranded our business coaching activity under the name ‘Impactified’. This change is an important move and we are very excited about it. Whilst for the past years our activity has strictly focused on developing our presence in Hong Kong as business coaching experts, we have indeed come to the conclusion that going beyond just business coaching was necessary.

Over the next weeks and months, we will announce various news. For instance? Well, we are bringing a major dose of Design Thinking and Impact Thinking into our methodology and narrative, because Impact has the power to transform businesses. Beyond business coaching, we will now offer a more extensive panel of services to our clients and thus focus on business advisory services for entrepreneurs, because business as usual isn’t enough.

To that extent, we are also teaming-up with CUHK Law’s outgoing Head of Impact Strategy. And, because our clientele increasingly works between Europe and Asia, we will develop a European branch during the last Quarter of 2019.

In short? Impactified is the beginning of a new story and we are clearly looking forward to it! Please get in touch with us using the following link:

Impactified, Business strategy beyond business coaching!