Doing business and mitigating risks in an uncertain globalized world

Doing business and mitigating risks in an uncertain globalized world

” Built around focused research and analysis work, close-door workshops and conferences, the Political Economy Circle aims at giving business owners and economic decision-makers an opportunity to discuss globalisation and Asia-Pacific developments in a pragmatic way, with experts, lawyers and financiers, so as to build economic and political intelligence and facilitate thought leadership. Not more, […]



  MAKE ENTREPRENEURS GREAT AGAIN! Using Trumps’ campaign to Upscale your skills as an entrepreneur.     Donald Trump has made the headlines throughout the whole US presidential elections, yet he is now where he was not expected to arrive. The good news is, Trump’s campaign can teach us various ways to upscale our skills […]

Business Talents Hong Kong

Business Talents Hong Kong

Business Talents Hong Kong Entrepreneurs are lonely, so is a captain on his boat. Business owners are often locked into a work frame, with few apparent resources. As the questions pop up on how to make it better or different, what are the options? How can you change your environment? Are you working too much? […]

Philippe Bonnet Life Mission

Philippe Bonnet Life Mission

Who is Philippe Bonnet ? 

Life is a marathon and not a sprint, and business coach Philippe Bonnet helps entrepreneurs build stamina to stay in the race.

“The difference between a business executive in a fast-paced environment and a professional athlete is smaller than one might think. Both have to draw on inner reserves of self-discipline, motivation and the will to prevail; both have to continually refine their own rules of engagement, and adjust to unexpected conditions when competition is at its fiercest; they know that consistency of performance has to be offset by bursts of pure talent and extraordinary effort.

But, crucially, unlike most athletes whose sporting lives occur over a relatively brief period, business leaders are expected to be at the top of their game for the span of their entire career – which can stretch to decades.

How can they build the stamina for such a prolonged effort?

I believe there is a way to become fitter: one that also grants those leaders room to breathe, without ever taking their eye off their career’s trajectory.

I am a certified business coach operating in Hong Kong: I have experienced life as both an employee and entrepreneur in Europe and Asia. Since arriving here in 2010, I use a tailored methodology BUSINESS TALENTS has developed for entrepreneurs wishing to thrive in this fast-paced, competitive environment.

And since integrating with the BUSINESS TALENTS group, I am able to draw on the tested models of the first European coaching group dedicated to entrepreneurs.

Hong Kong is indisputably a unique commercial environment, and people stream in from diverse contexts and backgrounds. The entrepreneur has to communicate a clear vision, demonstrate flexibility in the face of unexpected demands, and show real profitability within a contracted time frame. All this while balancing the need for precious free time.

I am conscious that success in business need not preclude a happy and satisfying personal life: that one’s goals and dreams stretch beyond the frequently stressed spectrum of financial gain and corporate progress.

My mission is to work closely with groups or individuals to map out the most rewarding path to their own definition of success. Some might seek complicit support to offset the isolation that is so common in leadership positions; they may face challenges which would benefit from the perspective that an objective third party could give. Often, when preparing to transfer their business, they require help transmitting the core values and value add that distinguish a unique business from a commercial shell. Together, we implement strategies to transform their professional situations to their advantage.”

If you are the leader of an SME who seeks clarity and the tools to transform your business life, you may benefit from a free coaching session. For more information,

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